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The Complete Fitness Solution 

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Oli's ReDiscipline App


Personalised exercise programs, specific to your goals. Interactive exercise tracker, with the ability to create your own workouts and still be able to track every rep, set and weight lifted. All exercises include video demonstrations.


Personalised nutritional guidance. Tailored Calorie/Macro targets, meal plans and food tracker. Food tracker database of over 600,000 items and restaurant meals. 

Coach Support

24/7 Access to Oli, supporting you throughout your journey.

 Providing weekly check ins, accountability and guidance.

Build muscle and drop body fat. Programs scientifically structured to maximise results.

Training Programs 

Nutrition tailored and calculated specifically to match your individual needs and goals.

Macro Specific

Never perform a movement wrong. Every exercise has a how to description, as well as video demonstration.

Exercise Demos

App includes built in food tracker. Monitor your intake. Oli is able to overseeing everything that you track.

Nutrition Guidance

Access to Oli's personal contact number for 1-2-1 feedback, and 24/7 support.

1-2-1 Trainer Support 

Track every aspect of your fitness journey, from the strength you have gained, to the fat you have lost. Including FitBit integration 

Progress Tracker

Weekly Check Ins

Review your results and measurements 

weekly with Oli. Keeping you focused and on track.


Online Personal training allows you the freedom to train to your own schedule, when and where best suits you, for a fraction of the cost of a face to face PT.


Testimonials / Reviews

Over 100 5* Reviews

What Are You Waiting For?


Once you sign-up you’ll receive a welcome email, inviting you to download the ReDiscipline App. You’ll then need to fill out a quick questionnaire, Oli will use these answers to help build your training programme.

You will also be invited to join the Private Facebook Community page.

Tailored to you

Oli will create the perfect plan for you. Every exercise, movement and repetition in your exercise programme will be chosen specifically to match you and your goals. Oli brings a new depth to online personal training.

In the know

Your Plan contains all the movements, stretches, and exercises you need to know, to get the most from your workout. Not familiar with an exercise, or how to perform the movement safely? Every exercise and movement has a simple step by step guide, as well as video demonstration.

Nutrition Coaching

Throughout your time on the Programme, Oli will regularly track your nutritional intake, via the app. He will then provide personalised feedback, that  you can apply to your diet straight away.


Each month you’ll upload your new body stats and measurements to your profile, for Oli to review. You’ll be able to see all of the improvements to your body, highlighted in the handy graphs.