Fed up of seeing personal trainers put no effort into their client results, handing out flimsy pieces of paper with generic exercises on, no nutritional advice apart from maybe a leaflet and some verbal helpful tips. Oli new that more needed to be done.

Oli created the ReDiscipline App to give his clients so much more than a flimsy piece of paper and some words of advice. 

In an ever growing world of fitness, finding the right training program might seem like an impossible task. Enter ReDiscipline.


Oli is committed to providing the highest quality science evidenced based exercise and nutrition based programs.  Oli prides himself on strong customer relations, to create the tools you need to succeed in your fitness journey.  ReDiscipline programs are flexible and all plans are personally made to each individual needs. 

Every member of ReDiscipline has their own personal login to the App. The App futures: 

  • 24/7 Access to your exercise program

  • The App records ever weight, rep, set and lift performed  

  • Has alternatives for each exercise incase a piece of equipment is in use that you need

  • History of all previous weights and reps performed for any given exercise

  • Nutritional food tracker with barcode scanner

  • Macro and Calorie counter

  • Before and After photo storage 

  • Body measurement tracker 

ReDiscipline futures everything that you need to maximise your results in the gym. Oli will review each and ever workout and meal you log. Making sure you're on track and keeping you accountable. 1-2-1 Online Coaching has never been so precise. 

ReDiscipline App


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