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ReDiscipline Nutrition Certification

Scientific Evidenced Based Certification 

Learn everything you need to know about nutrition, to empower yourself with any weight loss, performance or health related goal. Oli designed the certification to empower you to know the facts and truth about the body and nutrition. No ball sh"t fads, quick fixers or silly methodology like syns or demonising food. Only evidenced backed proper nutrition that Oli strongly believes should be taught in schools.  Become more clued up about nutrition than most personal trainers out there.

Oli has made the course super simple to learn and very time effective.

The course is ran over 12 weeks. 

12 Modules.

Everyday you will be emailed a small body of text, which will take between 30seconds and 3mins to read, with a infographic.

At the end of the week you will receive a short quiz of 12 questions, relating to the content you have learnt that week.

After 12 weeks and completion, you will receive a ReDiscipline Nutrition Certification as well as a Shaker Bottle. 

Module Break Down:

1. Calories, Endocrine system / Energy Systems

2.  Macro's Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats ( Amino Acids, Complex & Simple, 4x fats)


4. Muscle Growth (Veggies Lysine balanced profile)

5. Micronutrients 

6. Digestion & Hormones

7. Dieting effects, metabolic adaptation 

8. Ibs - Ibd Autoimune deseases, Low FODMAP

9. Nutrition for kids, Post & Pre natal 

10. PCOS & Diabetes the difference

11. Cardiovascular Disease & Cholesterol

12.Disorderly Eating Intuitive Eating

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