Choosing The Right Exercise Program

ReDiscipline has a wide array of programs. Choosing the right program for you will depend on your goals, where you would like to exercise, current fitness experience as well as how frequently you would like to train per week.

If you're unsure of your fitness goals CLICK HERE to go to Goal Setting.

Exercise Programs


Nutrition is key component to you achieving your goals. If you haven't already calculated your caloric targets, or unsure about your nutritional needs CLICK HERE.

Program Selection

Each Program is split into 2 phases and designed over 6 weeks. 

We keep things fresh by enabling you to mix it up, or continue to progress with your chosen program. We have designed the programmes to optimise your training potential. With new programs added weekly.

Selection Your program


Gym Exercise Program

Fitness Level:

Beginner         Intermediate         Advanced


Gym              Home            Travel 

Home Exercise Program
Travel Exercise Program
Beginner Exercise Program
Intermediate Exercise Program
Advanced Exercise Program

Workouts Per Week:

1x         2x         3x         4x         5x         6x


Weights       Body Weight       Mobility       Resistant Bands

Exercise Program
Personal Trainin Exercise Program
How to work out
Workout Program
How To Exercise
Personalised Exercise Program
Weighted Exercise Program
Calisthenics Workout Exercise Program
Mobility Exercise Program
Booty Loop Band Exercise Program

Gym Novice

Unsure what todo in the gym, maybe it's your first time in a gym, this program is perfect for you.

White Gym Novice Beginner Workout Progra
Gym Workout Program
Strength Exercise Program
Online Exercise Plan
Exercise Program



Male Physique Sculptor

Build the ultimate sculpted lean physique.

White male physique program.png




TRX Program, perform at home or the gym.

White Trx Workout Program Exercises.png


Cross Fit

Coming soon, Releases March 2020

White crossfit wrokout program.png



Foundational Strength

Been going to the gym but unsure what todo, lacking results. Build a solid Foundation of Strength. Don't just go through the motion.

White foundation strength.png