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Important Updates!!! (Sorry for Essay!)

1) Make sure to attend Saturday 10:00 seminar, you will learn vital information about nutrition & positive mindset skills you can use daily!

Welcome to bring anyone along you wish.

As most are aware I’ve taken on a second facility, in Watford. Very exciting but initially took it on prematurely… very premature.

The facility currently has higher number of members than Studham, but they’re about to go under, so it’s a salvage operation.

We’re turning the place around, and so far the members feedback has been amazing!!

All Studham members get complimentary access to the Watford facility sessions.

Few of you commute that direction, so more than happy to set you up on the Watford system.

(Just be aware watford is in a transition phase so it’s not quite the same service as we offer in Studham, but we will get it up to par.)

Thank you for being patient with me, I am running around like a headless chicken between both faculties. I’m short staffed in watford, so having to fill in temporarily.

but do not worry Studham is my baby, that’s where I will be 90% of the time.

We will be implementing a few different  components to ReDiscipline that I know you’ll love.

• Trainers

Increasing number of trainers per session is a priority!

We strive to always give you the personal experience you deserve.

We are currently recruiting 3 more PT’s, long term the aim is to have 5 full time at Watford & 5 at Studham.

• Community

We love our amazing community, we wish to see this grow and expand. We will be hosting monthly social events.

For those that are competitive, monthly challenges within the gym.

• Educational Seminars

Every other week from Sat 22nd at 10:00am

I will be hosting educational seminars specifically on Nutriton & Mental health. I strongly advise to attend, gain a greater knowledge than 99% of the PT’s out their!!

In future we will also be hosting guest speakers.

• Fusion

Ryan has been busy at work creating fun and challenging Fusion sessions. THEY LOOK GREAT!

They have a strong strength and functional component to them as well as a added heart rate raiser. Futon is a hybrid of Strength & Hype.

As always feel free to reach out & message me, always happy to help in anyway I can!

Thanks for reading!

See you soon



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    Completed & Passed ReDiscipline Nutrition CertificationNutrition Certified
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