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2 Updates.

  1. Nutrition

  2. Measurements

1) Nutrition update,

If you don’t fill out your Journal or bring it to a session for me to view, it’s hard for

me to support you, on what you’re currently eating.

You all have my number, you’re welcome to message me 24/7 💪

If the journal does not work for you, no worries,

I have many different resources we can implement.

• Calorie Tracking

• Visual Portion Guide (Hand measurements)

• Send Photographs of each meal to me

• Specific/specialist plans for autoimmune individuals or PCOS

• etc etc


Reminder, if you haven’t already had your measurements taken by myself (Oli), grab me when you’re next in.

Secondly you’ll get a message from me a few days before they’re due to be redone each month. 📏

also if you haven’t already, take your before progress photos!


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