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Diet Lifestyle Change Mindset

Do you know why your diet isn't working?

It’s because you haven’t changed your mindset. As long as you continue to view fat loss as something that only has to be done for a temporary period of time, you will fail. Every single time.

The first step in fat loss is to realise that dieting isn’t just about food and it certainly isn’t a journey that only lasts a few weeks.

It’s about changing your relationship with food and how you eat.

As much as I hate the cliche phrase “lifestyle change” that’s exactly what it is — changing the way you live your life at every single meal. And when you hit your goal weight, you can’t fall back into your unhealthy eating patterns and expect to maintain your fat loss.

There is no end date to a diet.

Permanent change is achieved through implementing a series of small dietary steps that you can live with for the rest of your life. As long as your habits don’t regress, your body won’t regress either.


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