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Easting Sweets Everyday Prevents Binging

When it comes to bing eating there’s a lot of psychological reasons it could be happening.⁣ But.⁣ One of the dominating reasons is because of deprivation of their favourite foods.⁣ —> Cookies⁣ —> Chocolate —> Pizza⁣ —> Ice cream⁣ —> Chips⁣ —> *etc. Too many view these foods as unhealthy, wrong or inherently fattening/fat storing.⁣ Sorry, but that’s not how physiology works.⁣ Now, should your whole days worth of food come from that list? Of course not, don’t take this out of context.⁣ But can you eat literally ANY food on the DAILY in moderation & still lose fat & reach your goals? 100 f”cking percent.⁣ Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.⁣ Because when you say,⁣ “No sugar ever again”⁣ “No sweets ever again”⁣ “Not allowed to eat pizza”⁣ [I’m getting sad just writing these...]⁣ You’re just a bing eating ticking time bomb for the day you can’t take it anymore.⁣ And because your massive level of deprivation you 9 times out of 10 make up for lost time.⁣ This is why so many people live either in the ultra restricted side of things or the binge uncontrollably side of things.⁣ Usually right about now someone says, “Oli, I can’t have just 1 or 2 cookies, I end up eating the whole pack, so I avoid it all together.”⁣ That’s the issue, nothing gets solved.⁣ The only reason you couldn’t eat just 1 or 2 is because that food is on a pedestal & you “can’t have it.”⁣ But when you enjoy anything in moderation every single day you don’t even have the desire to eat a whole box of donuts because you can have another donut tomorrow.⁣ This is how I teach my online clients to get away from guilt ridden dieting.⁣ Have ANYTHING in moderation every single day.⁣ You know what happens?⁣ ✅ Fat is lost⁣ ✅ Inches are gone⁣ ✅ Get stronger⁣ ✅ No guilt⁣ ✅ Enjoy any food everyday⁣ ✅ Get healthy the entire time⁣


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