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Energy Balance Calorie Expenditure

The basic principle of how your body loses & gains weight is actually pretty simple. Keep in mind, just because the principle is fairly basic, this does not make weight loss easy. Weight loss is hard. Imagine if someone gave you directions to get from London to Edinburgh… you've got the roadmap of how to get there, but by no means does that mean it will be easy. ❇️ Weight Loss: Your body is burning more calories than you are taking in, creating a calorie deficit. ⭕️ Weight Maintenance: Your body is burning the same amount of calories that you are taking in, creating a calorie balance. ⚠️ Weight Gain: Your body is burning less calories than you are taking in, creating a calorie surplus. Take note, one day in a deficit or surplus is not a big deal…not at all. It's the culmination of weeks and months in a deficit or surplus that adds up to substantial change. It's the total balance over time that is key here. You can be in a calorie deficit for 6 days of the week, but if you go nuts on the 7th day with a calorie madness, you very well could negate the progress from those other 6 days of the week. While it’s true that all you need is a calorie deficit to lose weight, creating that deficit & sticking to it is the hard part. Remember, just because this principle is simple and straight forward, still doesn’t make it easy.


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