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NEAT Biggest Part To Weight Loss

I get asked a 100 questions a day around the same subjects, “how to lose weight faster”, “I’m in a deficit but not losing weight”, “I train 6 days a week and monitor what I eat, but no longer see a difference in my weight”. The simple answer...


N.E.A.T stands for None Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Movement that isn’t planned, like walking up escalators, parking further away in a car park and walking that little bit more, standing up, apposed to sitting down. Anything that creates movement that wasn’t planned. (If it’s planned that’s planned exercise.) Why is this so important, NEAT can equate to more calorie burn than exercise. Many prioritise exercise, and although exercise is great, if you kill yourself in the gym and then become inactive throughout the day, you could be losing less calories on average a day compared to focusing on NEAT alone.

TDEE stands for Total Daily Energy Expenditure, If your don’t know your TDEE, Click the TDEE Calculator to calculate yours.


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