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Patience Body Transformation

Whether your goal is:⁣

🔥 To lose some extra body fat⁣ 🍑 Build the best booty the world has ever seen⁣ 🍏 Getting more in check with your health⁣ 🔛 Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity. Don’t fall victim to the quick fix mentality. Yes, it can be appealing and the short term success can feel like it will 'get you started' or potentially deliver you the results you're after. But trust me it won't! There’s no secret to getting quick results. It comes through setting goals and being consistent with your training and diet over time ⌛ Focus on the basics when it comes to training. You don't need to be doing 300 kick backs because you saw some fitchick on Insta doing it. Stick to the big compound movements (squats, deadlifts, lunges, presses, pulls, rows) nail your form and get strong at them before considering any isolation work 🏋‍♀⁣ There’s no magic pill or supplement that's going to pack on slabs of muscle & burn fat. Anything that promises quick results with minimal effort is usually 💩⁣ Track your food and make sure you're eating in alignment with your goal. If you haven't tracked your food before you're really missing out on some serious gains!⁣


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