ReDiscipline Unleash Your Potential!

At ReDiscipline we aim for far more than just fitness.

With training concepts unique to us, we are no run-of-the-treadmill fitness facility.

We offer small group training sessions with a hands-on coaching approach, in a motivating and supportive environment. Embrace a whole new experience and be part of our community.

We put our members first and understand what their needs are, we make fitness & health exciting!

Whether you're new to exercise, an athlete, looking to build an incredible stage-worthy physique, or simply looking to perform at your best, we will provide you highly effective protocols, custom tailored for YOU and YOUR goals.

Small Group PT Sessions

- Strength

A methodical approach to building a solid foundation.

- Hype

A super fun, highly energetic functional full-body workout, improving energy levels, metabolic rate, endurance and burning a shed load of calories in the process.


We work with you to create a dietary protocol aligned with your goal. Depending on your experience with your dietary habits and experience with nutrition, we will work together to derive a plan to suit your preferences.

Ongoing Support

Besides making any necessary adjustments to your programming, we will provide you with ongoing support and guidance to ensure you get the best results.