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Are Carbs Really Bad

Carbs... ✅Good?⁣ ❌Bad?⁣ ⁣🔄Moderation?⁣ Who knows. ⁣ But. ⁣ Are they really the problem?⁣ Before we get into it let me ask you this. ⁣ When someone talks about carbs being the problem or eating too many, what carb foods are they usually referring to?⁣ It’s usually things on the right...⁣ 👉Cookies⁣ 👉Cereal ⁣ 👉Ice cream⁣ 👉Pizza⁣ 👉Donuts ⁣ 👉Fast food⁣ 👉Chocolate ⁣ You get the picture. ⁣ Here’s the thing, those aren’t carbs. ⁣ They’re carbs, fat, & usually have some protein. ⁣ Which as a whole makes them very hyperpalatable & super calorically dense. ⁣ You know what are just carbs?⁣ 👉Fruit⁣ 👉Potatoes⁣ 👉Honey⁣ 👉Straight table sugar⁣ But do you ever hear of anyone overeating those?⁣ Not at all. ⁣ So the thing is it still shows calories are the issue. ⁣ Anything eaten in a surplus will store fat. The foods on the left or the ones on the right. ⁣ But the point of this post is to show what a carb food really is. ⁣ That’s why at the end of the day you can enjoy anything in moderation (including the foods on the right). ⁣ Carbs are never the problem. ⁣ I eat ice cream and brownies everyday and still have abs, is it genetics...No, its a good understanding of my own body. Free Calorie Calculator, Link in My Bio. Struggling to lose weight, in need of structured support and accountability to create sustainable results.


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