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Energy Drinks Truth

💥THE TRUTH ABOUT ENERGY DRINKS💥 Do they contain toxic ingredients that are going to poison your body? Well let’s start with what’s in energy drinks. Commonly they contain caffeine, taurine, B-vitamins, ginseng, sugar and artificial sweeteners. - Are these ingredients inherently bad for you? Not necessarily, but any one ingredient can be harmful if you consume enough of it. So yes slamming 10 cans of your favourite energy drink, is probably a very bad and unsafe idea.

What about artificial sweeteners? Aren’t they terrible for you? You would need to consume a ridiculous amount of artificial sweeteners daily for a life time in order to receive the adverse effects. So it should not play a role here.

What about all the caffeine? Well energy drinks commonly contain 150mg or more of caffeine. The safety recommendation is typically no more than 400mg of caffeine per day. But this will of course depend on the individual and their sensitivity to caffeine. Also if you are pregnant, or a child, then your daily caffeine is lower than 400mg.

VERDICT If you are a healthy individual who isn’t pregnant, an adolescent, or have cardiovascular issues, than you can probably drink an energy drink a day and see no adverse health effects. When in doubt refer to your doctor to see if your a particular individual who should avoid energy drinks altogether.


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