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Fitness Truths Myth Busting

There's been a lot of focus online and in the media lately about fat shaming. So straight up - fat shaming is a super shitty thing to do and it's actually shown to have the opposite effect. So, don't do it. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable and happy in their body and that's not your decision to make. With that said - there is often too much molly coddling in the industry and the fact is - by not calling people's bullshit you are not helping them, you're harming them. If you're a coach and you're not educating your clients around these myths - you're letting your client, yourself and the industry down. If you're someone wanting to make changes, if any of these sound like you - you gotta be real with yourself. You're holding yourself back and should be honest. Yes it's uncomfortable to be that honest with yourself. It's easy to say "oh it's genetics" or "it's sugar". It's a lot harder to say "I'm overweight because I let food control me, I eat as a coping mechanism and to deal with my insecurities". It's a difficult and emotional thing to do - to admit that you are where you are because of your choices and actions. But if you're serious about making changes then it's something you need to do. And if you're a coach who's serious about doing the best for their clients - it's something you'll encourage them to do.⠀ As always - if you are happy where you are, I couldn't be happier for you. You should never feel the need to change for any reason other than it's what you want. You don't have to change for society, for a job, for a partner. Only for you.


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