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Influencer BallSh't Fitness Industry

Problem with social media is that so many Influential marketers get paid a tone, to promote pointless weight loss products, in the aim to get others to purchase them. The company’s at the top work on cost per acquisition. If they can pay an “Influencer” £5,000 to promote there products, and In return they make £10,000 profit, that’s a good cost per acquisition.

Consequences of this, the younger generation have more body insecurities than ever before. The younger generation look up to these influences, whether they be a celebrity, model, sportsman, when these “influencers” promote these products, it makes the younger generation believe that they can look like their idols, by taking these pointless products.


Young women think that they should have huge gluts, big boobs and narrow waists. Young men believe they should have huge muscles with a six pack. But the reality is, cosmetic surgery, heavy use of Anabolic Steroids and rare gifted genetical individuals are disguised as a product to trick people into purchasing sh”t they do not need!

The frustration for all Personal Trainers that actually care about helping others, is that Bum poses, side boob and bikini shots, get far more engagement than any quality educational information. When will things change? Fitness industry is 1 of the fakest industry’s, yet we have a higher increase of obesity than ever before. Something needs to change, but until divine intervention is introduced, corporate enterprises will keep finding new ways to manipulate people to scam them of their money. What can we do? Educate, teach others the reality of health and fitness, go back to the basics. MOVE MORE EAT LESS! Keep it simple.


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