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Muscle Growth Progressive Overload

Implementing proper training over time will have you growing more and more muscle, changing your physique to one that is agile and mobile!🔥💪🏼 When you begin to lift weights at various rep ranges the muscle in your body tears due to the stress of the movement rep after rep. Training more frequently signals the body to go through protein synthesis so produce thicker stronger muscle fibre, and even sedentary our bodies are constantly going through this process. Which is why the more volume and frequency we train all our muscle groups the more “gains” we will produce. Our bodies see the physical stress as a warning sign so they adapt and build stronger more resistant muscle fibres to handle the load next time! Once you train an exercise two workouts in a row and hit all your reps in each set, that is a great sign that you must increase load by the next session. We must continue to challenge our muscles over time due to adaption of the movements to continue to see results. Newbie gains are easy to achieve but once you get into the real grind of training it is a never ending battle to push new limits, and try new various training routines to achieve more growth. If you aren’t progressing in load, frequency, reps, recovery time, then you are only maintaining your current self. Most people in the gym go 4-5 times a week and never see growth because there is no progression plan in place, they are not tracking their numbers, reps, sets. Track your work and trust the process. The work you put in today, you will see months down the road!🙏🏻


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