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Wine Calories Denial

One of the most common reasons many fail to lose weight, is that they don’t include their total alcohol consumption.

Often when I ask a client, “did you drink last night?” they will happily admit they had a glass. But with further discussion, it’s often never just a glass. A traditional measure of wine is 1 small glass. But no one self pours a “small” at home. Wine portions: 🍷 Small 125ml Medium 175ml Large 250ml Bottle 750ml The easiest way to consciously know how much wine you’ve consumed is by comparing how many bottles you have had apposed to glasses.

So the question I should be asking is “How many bottles of wine have you had this week?” The only way to lose weight is by adhering to a calorie deficit. Is what your drinking preventing you from losing weight? To calculate how many calories you need to lose weight, Click onto the TDEE Calculator


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