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Social events 2023

Ever month we will be running a social events.

Our next one is the evening of Febuary 21st

Save The Date!

Comedy Night

at Fishery Wharf

(Opposite Hemel Hempstead Train Station.)

Welcome to bring others.

Tickets are £12.50 each.

Oli has been to serval Comedy events at this venue and is thoroughly looking forward to it.

Details and to Purchase tickets can be done with the below link.

Social events. 2023

  1. Feb 21st -  Comedy Night 

  2. March - Great Ormond Street Walkie Talkie Tower Climb 4th march

  3. April -  Cooking lessons

  4. May - Go Ape

  5. June - Raft build & Physical Activity Challenges 

  6. July - White Water Rafting

  7. August -  Picnic Festival & Rounders

  8. Sept - Canyoning

  9. Oct - Pumpkin Carving 

  10. Nov -  Ninja Warrior/Trampoline Park

  11. Dec - Reef Making 

  12. Jan - Puppy Yoga 


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