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Coffee Preventing Weight Loss

Can the drink on the right still be classed as a coffee? It contains enough calories for a meal that’s for sure... - *rephrase, a pretty unbalanced, meal which won’t serve much nutritional purpose. 😬

Before I get sued by Starbucks for slating their (probably delicious) large iced mocha with cream, chocolate and caramel, I have to point out that this comparison is based entirely on facts. If you consume calorie concealed in ‘coffee’s’ and achieve your goals, good on you. But if you’re not, maybe have a read below 👇

The black coffee on the left has virtually no calories (coffee and water). But what about the ‘drink’ on the right... it has ‘Chocolate syrup’, water, flavouring, thickener gum, potassium sorbate, citric acid, whipped cream, sugar propellants, E471, carrageenan, mocha sauce, cocoa powder, choc chips, sugar, vegetable oils (palm, Shea), black cocoa powder, fat reduced cocoa powder, wheat flour, glucose; calcium carbonate, iron, thiamin, niacin, vegetable shortening (palm, rapeseed), coffee, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate). The primal purpoe/functions of coffee are caffeine is to give you a boosts and the taste. It’s also a way to simply ‘drink’ something you like. But when so many additional ingredients are added to the basic concept, is it still coffee? Or is it simply something else. Most of these calories come from refined sugars and processed fats. The natural properties of coffee get lost completely in this sea of additions ingredients (and calories). Basically, it is what it is. If you like drinking high calorie coffee’s regularly - do it, but be mindful that ‘a coffee’ can mean an intake of 5 calories or hundreds of calories.

Just be AWARE before you slurp. ☕️

If you like drinking high calorie coffee’s regularly but are not making progress with your fitness goals (e.g.weight loss ) it might be an idea to understand your calorie intake a little better too 🤜🤛


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