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Cost Of Eating Healthy VS Type 2 Diabetes

If you’re someone who associates healthy eating with being too costly, I get it. It’s cheaper to purchase a finished prepackaged meal, and throw it into the oven or microwave.

BUT, when it comes down to it, the research shows that eating a diet consisting of only whole foods costs approximately £1 more per day than a diet of processed foods. That’s less than your morning cup of ☕️ .

Keeping that mind, there are literally thousands upon thousands of websites and other resources dedicated to helping people create delicious cuisine while eating on a budget.

ReDiscipline has many recipe books available for this. In other words, this boils down to one thing: you’re either the kind of person who looks for solutions or the kind of person who looks for excuses.

The truth is — eating processed food is more readily available. It’s easier. It doesn’t require the discomfort of change, so labelling healthy food expensive is a convenient excuse.

If you want to eat healthy meals, then yes — prepare to have to do a bit more leg work in the kitchen, but with the advent of frozen vegetables, pre-cooked meats, minute-rice, weekly meat discounts, seasonal produce specials, crockpots, microwaves, and instapots — your biggest obstacle is going to be you.


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