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Fat Loss 80/20 Rule Flexible Dieting

80/20 FOR FAT LOSS EXPLAINED 🔥 🥗 Represents whole and nutritious food sources like: sweet potato, oats, meats, fish, broccoli etc. Aim by the end of the week to have 80% of your calorie intake (food + drink you ate) from whole and nutritious foods and 20% from ‘treats’ You can choose to stick to 80% everyday or save up for the days you eat out. . This method of dieting is very effective because it promotes flexibility which is key for staying consistent with a diet. Consistency is key for progress. . This diet keeps fatigue low and it ensures that you enjoy the process, who wants to follow a diet that prevents them from eating the food that you love? If you are unsure how to track your eating or how many calories you should be consuming for weight loss?

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