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Fruit Juice Isn't Fruit

Is Fruit Juice Healthy? Many family households consume litres of fruit juice a week, unaware the volume of sugar inside.

Cheaper refined juices have heaps of additional sugar added. Why? To make the product taste more appealing and reduce the cost compared to 100% freshly squeezed fruit juice.

It’s common in your average supermarket to pick up a Meal deal with a bottle of fruit juice included. (Average bottle between 250-500ml) 100% organic freshly squeezed orange juice.... sounds healthy but little do many know it will have anywhere from 22 - 44g of sugar per bottle. This is equal to 5.5 - 11 teaspoons of sugar!

You wouldn’t add 11 teaspoons of sugar to coffee or tea, but it’s common to give children the equal amount of sugar, disguised as “Liquid Fruit?”


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