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Muscle Gain Essentials

Habits define our actions on a day to day basis. If we are able to change our habits, we can dramatically change our results. PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD 📈 Simply means you need to be increasing the intensity of your sessions consistently. There are many ways in which this can be achieved, for example, increasing weight, increasing reps, increasing sets, decreasing rest time, increasing time under tension, increasing exercises. 8 HOURS OF SLEEP 😴 The body needs an adequate amount of sleep to be able to recover and grow. PROTEIN 🥩 The macronutrient responsible for repairing and building muscle! It's important we track the amount of protein included in our diet if we want to achieve optimal muscle gains. HYDRATION 🥛 Staying hydrated is an important habit regardless of fitness goals. However, remember that your increased activity levels will mean you should probably be drinking more water. It will improve your gym sessions and improve recovery. PLANNING Links with progressive overload. Be sure to plan out your sessions to ensure you are making progress. Make sure you include rest days! CALORIES If you're tracking your protein, you might as well track your overall calories! MyFitnessPal is an app which does exactly that!


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