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Diet Eating For Health Vs Fat Loss

🔥THE CLEAN EATING MYTH!🔥 Eating clean will result in losing weight? Not necessarily! . Even if you eat the most ‘clean and perfectly nutritious rich foods’, over consuming calories will result in weight gain.

Am I saying eat what ever you want, providing it meets your calorie target... for fat loss Yes! Do I recommend this? NO! You can lose weight and still eat unhealthily. Prime example meal replacements, 💩 Detox, laxative teas, long durations of starvation (‘fasting’) etc etc are certainly not healthy, even though bold claims from corporate weight loss companies would say otherwise.

I advocate good nutritious food along with a few treats and adhering to calorie deficit to optimise health and weight loss. 80/20 rule, 80% good, 20% treats. . Not sure how to calculate a deficit or Calorie Target? Click the link in my bio for a free calculator! 💪


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