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Fat Loss Foods

You may have heard the many fitness myths around food.

Carbs after 8 make you fat. Skinny teas and detox juices make you thin. Fat makes you fat.

diet written in healthy foods with a tape measure and piece of bread on the side

Essentially these just aren't true. There's no single food that will instantly make you gain weight. Consistently being in a calorie surplus (eating more than you burn) will make you gain weight.

Equally, there's no single food that will make you instantly lose weight. Skinny teas will make you lose water weight so you may see a temporary scale drop, but you'll go up again once you've re-hydrated yourself. Juice detoxes lead to a lack of essential nutrients. Plus, it's your liver's job to detox your body, not a fruit juice.

Carbs and fat are macro-nutrients, meaning, together with protein they should make up the majority of your diet. You do not need to be cutting these out to lose weight.

When it comes to fat loss, stop looking for a quick fix. Stick to eating a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet that's made up from predominantly whole foods, it will be much better for you than any fad diet.

To summarise, there's no such thing as fat loss foods. There is no one food that will instantly make you skinny, equally there's not one that will instantly make you fat. It is the total of your daily or weekly calories that can lead to you losing or gaining weight. You should not be cutting out entire food groups in an attempt to lose weight.


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