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Lifting Makes You Bulky

The common misconception that you get ‘BULKY’ from lifting weights...🤣

If you run 2x a week would you instantly look like Mo Farah?

If you learnt a dance routine, does this suddenly make you a professional dancer?

No one can accidentally look like a bodybuilder. Female BodyBuilders adjust their entire life around bodybuilding, from the exact specifics of what they eat, when they eat, style of training they perform, to maximising rest and recovery. Not to mention the majority taking enhancing performance drugs. 💉

The average gym user wants to ‘Tone up’, the only type of Tone is Muscle Tone.

The best way to increase tone is build a base of muscle and lower overall body fat percentage.

When looking from an aesthetic physique point of view, the best style of training is weighted training. I’m not saying cardio doesn’t have its place, as there’s a multitude of cardio benefits, but you’re not going to improve muscular tone with cardio as well as you can with weights.


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