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Make Nutrition A Habit

Hands up who struggles with their diet 🤚🏼 It's a tale as old as time - start a diet, hate it, fall off the wagon a few days later - wash, rinse, repeat. So how do you fix it? Simple, stop thinking about it as a "fix". Understand it's not a short term thing - set yourself these rules with your diet and watch it become effortless over time. 🥕Protein and veggies - it goes without saying, eat your protein, eat your veggies. Include them with every meal where you can. ➗80/20 - 80% of your diet should be whole, minimally processed foods. The remaining 20% can be all the fun stuff - this is what people mean when they say "everything in moderation". Enjoy your diet - include foods you enjoy. If you're consistently eating 80% whole foods, over time you're going to see great improvements.⠀ 🍫Snacks - "Out of sight, out of mind" - yes you can have your snacks but remember moderation. If you leave chocolate or biscuits out on the counter - you'll eat them (or at least be tempted) - so keep them out of sight and keep lower calorie, nutrient dense foods front and centre. 😰Pressure - we get plenty of pressure from literally every other area of our lives. Don't add your daily diet to that list. Understand you'll slip up and it's a lifelong process - mistakes happen, just move on and don't sweat it. Enjoy it. ⠀ 📖Journal - keep track of what you eat, where/how you eat it and how you feel. Then use that information. Find yourself getting hungry and over eating in the early evening? Look at your lunch entries - maybe you're not getting enough veggies, or you're eating too quickly. You'll spot areas to improve and where your diet can fit better in your current schedule!


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