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Make Your Life Easier With Smaller Realistic Achievable Steps

Don’t beat yourself up for not achieving what you planned to. Instead rely on strategic solutions (“systems”), means that when you fail, it was the strategy that didn’t work and you just have to try a different one.

EXAMPLE: Say your goal is to exercise twice a week. You haven’t been doing this and you feel bummed because you WANT to, but can’t seem to do it. A willpower-based solution would be “You are the only person who can change your exercise habits. Try harder.” TOTALLY UNHELPFUL!

A strategy-based solution asks what specific obstacles are getting in the way of your exercise. When you get home from work, are you tired? Okay, how about trying morning exercise instead? Is it the type of exercise? Do you hate running? Don’t run. Try swimming, or riding a bike. Do you struggle to exercise on your own? Try group classes.

Labelling yourself as someone that lacks willpower is toxic to your success because it diminishes your belief of what’s possible and keeps you stuck. Be your own solution solver. Work on smaller management goals, and build up over time, don’t try and do everything at once!


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