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Mobility Vs Flexibility

MOBILITY vs FLEXIBILITY: 🔑 The difference between these two terms might be small, but pretty important. Understand the differences so you can better understand how to approach scenarios on your body! 🤸🏽‍♂️Flexibility= the ability for a tissue to stretch aka extensibility. 🤾🏻‍♂️Mobility= the ability to actively or passively achieve a range of motion, or the range of motion at a joint. 👀Another way you could look at it is: Flexibility is your passive range of motion Mobility is your active range of motion (however mobility does have passive and active / dynamic components.) How do you know what you need? Start here 👇🏼 If you have enough range of motion for you to do every day things and your quality of life is awesome, maybe all you need to do is move your joints daily to keep what you have. If you lack the passive range of motion to do specific tasks, you may need to increase your flexibility. But remember, stretching for hours on end won’t help you develop the ability to be able to utilize that new range effectively actively. If you have the range of motion but lack the control of this range of motion, you might need more ACTIVE mobility work in that specific range of motion.


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