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Pain Killer Training


When you are in pain, the primary goal and focus shouldn’t be on just ‘killing’ it. The main objective should be figure out the ROOT CAUSE(S) of why it is present, and start addressing those. Pain is complex, but it is ALWAYS telling us something. ↪️ Painkillers are handed out like candy these days for a variety of reasons. It seems like it is the first line of defence when any sort of pain arises. And we wonder why we have a painkiller epidemic on our hands. ⬇️ Simply ‘killing’ pain without addressing its root cause is a recipe for disaster in the medium and long term. The obsession with killing pain and treating it as a nuisance may provide temporary relief, but it isn’t a sustainable or wise solution to whatever the actual problem may be. 🔑 Pain first needs to be acknowledged for what it is. Pain is evolutionarily meaningful, it isn’t some random annoyance that just happens out of the blue. ↪️ It then needs to be used as a guide. Pain is a call for change of some sort, so figuring out what must be changed or altered (behaviours, activities, thoughts, patterns, lifestyle, movements etc.) is fundamental. ➡️ The underlying cause(s) may be simple or multi factorial, depending on the situation. Either way, it needs to be figured out and addressed to truly deal with pain in a sustainable way. ✅ Whether you are seeing a health professional or solving it yourself, make sure that the emphasis isn’t just on killing the pain, but on solving it and getting to its roots. Yes, painkillers do have their place...but not as the solution to a pain problem, because they aren’t.


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