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Peer Pressure Thats All You're Going To Eat

We’ve all been asked these questions before.

Usually they’re from the people closest to us and in most cases, they mean no harm.

But these questions can be very triggering for people. If you’re someone who tends to ask these questions- stop.

If you go out with friends and they’re all getting pizza and burgers, you’re allowed to order a salad. Someone is almost certainly going to ask you “that’s all you’re gonna eat?” Just answer them with a simple “yes.” The end. You’re allowed to eat whatever the hell you want!

On the flip side, if the people you are with are all ordering salads, but there’s a big ol’ steak on the menu that you’ve been dreaming about, order that damn steak! “You’re gonna eat all that?” Yes, yes I am. And I’m going to enjoy every last bite of it.

If you want to order a salad, don’t let someone pressure you out of it. Only you know your reasoning, and it’s nobody’s business but your own. You might be ordering a salad because you have specific caloric goals. Or maybe you had a huge lunch and want a light dinner. Or maybe you just LIKE SALAD.

People are going to ask you these questions. All. The. Time. There’s nothing we can do about that. But we can control how they affect us (or in this case, how they don’t affect us)

Eat what you want, not what someone else wants you to eat. Brush off these silly questions as nothing more than ignorance and enjoy your food.

Wait… you’re gonna eat all that?


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