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Scared / Intimidated At The Gym

One of the fitness questions I'm most commonly asked has nothing to do with what exercises to do, how long to workout, or what training plan to follow. The most common question I'm asked is something along the lines of "How do I get past being intimidated in the gym?". Here’s the thing, there's absolutely nothing wrong with feeling intimidated by the gym. However, you never should let that fear be the reason you aren't able to better yourself. Accept that you are intimidated by the gym, but know that being uncomfortable is the first step in improving yourself. You have the choice to overcome that fear and do what you need to do, to live the life you want, or you can let that fear hold you down. I started my fitness journey at the age of 18 in a bodybuilding gym weighing a measly 44kg. It was the best environment I’ve ever stepped into, it developed who I am today.

Self development happens when you challenge your fears. It’s ok to be scared, apprehensive or nervous. But remember no amounts of motivation will make you to take action, only by making a choice to overcome your fears can you take action.


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