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Sore After Workout DOMS

Know that gradual tightness and soreness you feel after a workout? It starts usually 12 hours after you’ve complicated your workout and peaks about at 36-48 hours post workout.

Going down the stairs is tough, sitting down is painful, trying to stand up after going to the 💩, feels like an impossible task. That’s DOMS. But what causes it? When your muscle does something abnormally stressful (could just be a different or much heavier exercise) it undergoes a level of micro trauma. Your body’s natural response to damage is to begin the inflammation process and stimulate pain receptors. This can last serval days depending on the individual and the level of damage. This is what’s known as Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness (DOMS). It’s very rarely something to be concerned about, however, if it lasts more than 5 days you could consult a health proficiently as a precaution.


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