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Starbucks Calorie Swap


💃🏻 The food and drink choices you make (or don’t make) will have quite an impact on your fitness progress - like changes in bodyweight, how your clothes fit (or don’t fit) and how you FEEL! 🤪 And while it may seem like an obvious swap, saving 385 calories from a beverage at Starbucks can REALLY add up! 🤔Think about it… if you make this swap once a week for a year… 52 times… you’d save 20,020 calories and that would be almost equal to losing an extra 5.7 POUNDS OF FAT! That is insane! (Plus, you’ll save some £ too haha). 😌 So while the choice is ultimately yours - and yes, you can drink either option and make progress - keep in mind that calories (in vs out) are the primary factor on changes in bodyweight and losing fat.


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