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Starvation Mode Broken Metabolism

🔥Starvation mode is the idea that not eating enough will cause a person to STOP losing fat or possibly even GAIN some despite being in a caloric deficit.🔥 ⚡️So, whenever people are trying to lose fat but weeks are passing without any fat being lost (or some is being gained), the thought becomes "Uh oh, I must have entered starvation mode because I'm not eating enough!!" - ⭐️And for that reason, I constantly hear questions like "How do I get out of starvation mode?" or "How do I avoid going into starvation mode?" 👉Well, I have some GREAT NEWS! ❄️You don't have to worry about any of this... because starvation mode doesn't actually exist. ☄️What's that you say? You want some proof that the human body will continue to lose fat no matter how little a person is eating? Okay... 🤔Take a look at Holocaust victims, starving children in Africa, anorexics, reality show contestants (Survivor, Naked and Afraid, etc.), participants of the Minnesota Starvation Experiment and the law of thermodynamics. - 👍No matter how large the deficit is - even if you are literally starving to death - body fat will continue to be lost. The idea that it won't is complete horseshit. 🎉That brings me to 2 points... 1️⃣1. Don't actually starve yourself. There's an infinite list of reasons why excessively large deficits are a terrible idea. Stick with a moderate sized deficit. 2️⃣2. If weeks are passing and you aren't losing any fat at all, the problem isn't that you're not eating enough and have entered starvation mode. The problem is that you're eating more than you think you are and no deficit exists.


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