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Take Action Don't Seek Motivation

Fitness doesn't start with motivation. It starts with action. Everyone has it backwards, looking for motivation before taking action, when really ACTION PRECEDES MOTIVATION. Action ➡️ Result ➡️ Motivation ➡️ Action ➡️ Result ➡️ Motivation ➡️ Action ... If you're at the beginning of your journey, please, stop looking for motivation on Instagram. And stop telling yourself that the reason you don't go the gym or eat healthily is because you "just can't find the motivation." All you're doing is making excuses and reinforcing a negative belief. Instead, make the decision to TAKE ACTION. Make one small change: anything that you think is going to give you some kind of result. Even something like drinking water will help. You'll feel more energetic (the result) which might give you the motivation to take more action (say, end up going for a 20 minutes walk). Start that positive feedback loop. TAKE ACTION today.


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