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Weekend Ruined Your Fat Loss

The most common reason why most fail to lose weight when following a diet, is f’cking it on the weekend. It’s never a little slip, it’s all out self sabotage. As you all know by now, a calorie deficit is key to achieving weight loss. 1 Pound of fat in the human body is equal to 3,500 calories. 3,500 divide by 7 Days in a week equals 500.

Eat 500 calories less than you consume per day, results in 1 Lb loss per week. The problem is the weekend. Many blow it out hard, with treats, alcohol and a combination of bad choices, resulting in consuming masses of calories and negating all the hard work put in during the week. TDEE = TOTAL DAILY ENERGY EXPENDITURE. The example in the Infographic is someone with a TDEE of 2,000 Calories. The doted line represents maintenance. Left side of the doted line is weight loss, right side of the line is weight gain. The combined average for this persons calories over a week equaled weight gain, even though 5 Days of the week they adhere to a calorie deficit.


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