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What To Do First Cardio Or Weights

This post is specifically referring to doing your strength training and cardio in the same session. If your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle or get stronger, you should ALWAYS do your strength training first. For fat loss, your first priority will be nutrition and specifically a calorie deficit. After that, strength training should be #2 on the list. It will have a much more profound impact on fat loss than cardio. Lifting: 1. Burns Calories 2. Builds Muscle 3. Increases Strength 4. Raises Metabolism for 24-48 Hours 5. Completely Reshapes Your Body Cardio burns calories, and *can* raise metabolism for 24-48 hours if done at a high enough intensity (HIIT). That’s it. You reap none of the other benefits listed above. For gaining muscle, hopefully it’s pretty obvious you should prioritize weight training over cardio. Nuff said. Strength - same holds true. If you do too much cardio before your strength training session your overall energy levels and strength will be impaired. A few notes: I am NOT anti-cardio. I am *anti-prioritizing cardio over strength if fat loss, muscle gain or strength is your goal*. Cardio has it’s place if you have time for it. If you walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes before your strength training, you’ll probably be fine. But that’s more of a warm up and not a structured cardio session. Don’t confuse them.


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