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Why I'm / Your Not Losing Weight

The type of exercise you do can differ. The type of foods you eat can vary. The number of meals you eat any given day can fluctuate... But no matter what exercise, foods, or meal timing schedule you choose to follow, the ONLY way you’re going to lose weight is by eating in a calorie deficit. Now, an important note to make here... Yes, it always comes down to “calories in vs. calories out,” but your body isn’t a calculator. It’s not as simple as “eat X amount of calories and you’ll lose X amount of weight every single week over X amount of time...” Fitness is mostly a science, but it’s also an art. Yes, make sure you’re consistently eating in a calorie deficit, but do it on your terms. Do it in a way that’s sustainable and enjoyable for YOU. I have Type A clients who LOVE tracking their food rigorously every single day. They enjoy being able to manipulate their diet around their life. On the other hand, I have clients who detest tracking and do better with creating “rules” around when they eat, what they eat, and how much they eat. But in both scenarios, one thing holds true —> they lose weight because they’re creating a calorie deficit consistently. You don’t always have to count calories, but calories always count.

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