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Pre-Made Meal Prepped Meals Ready To Order.

Many struggle with having time to priorities food, and most don’t want to think about cooking after a busy day.

We take onboard all feedback, and look to create as many solutions that we can to help you on your journey.

We will be expanding our Menu over time, to include Vegan options as well as the possibility of Halal.

You can purchase directly on the App (if you have Studham access) or through the website.

Options currently available are

A) Steak with Sweet Potato, Green Beans & Broccoli = 550cal
B) Chicken with Basmati Rice, Roasted Carrots, Broccoli & Bell Pepper. = 490cal
C) Salmon with Basmati Rice, Green Beans, Broccoli & Lemon = 450cal
D) Chicken with Sweet Potato, Broccoli & Bell Peppers. =520cal


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