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It’s a new month which means a new challenge !

April’s challenge is the biggest load increase from march’s squat PB!

This means your goal is to progress your squat load as much as possible. The largest increase  relative to bodyweight wins! Take advantage of the squat variations throughout the weeks over the next month and make sure you’re pushing yourself!

Pay attention to the exercises within warm ups as some of these mobility drills will aid in improving your squatting technique enabling you to get a better squat! Be sure to watch the coaches demonstration so that you can set yourself up for a good squat. Stay hydrated, fuel your body and be well rested before you come in with a winning mindset of setting yourself a new PB.

(Squat pb must be done with a barbell and hit appropriate depth)

Gains gains gains!!!

Good luck to you all!

Comment someone below in the comment section that you think has a good chance at winning this!


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