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ReDiscipline Your Gym Program!

With all the hype about the newest exercise regimens, Diet fads, funky looking gym equipment, how do we know what to choose? Do we lift weights, focus on cardio, practice yoga, or kill ourselves trying CrossFit?

Through years of various workout routines and exercise programs, I’ve found that the best solution is to do whatever works best for your body. Keep in mind that each of us has a unique body structure, metabolism and balance of fat and muscle. What works well for me may not be the best for you.

So how do we know what’s best?

If you’re new to establishing a regular exercise routine, or plateaued in your current training program, try hiring a personal trainer.

Worried a trainer is going to cost too much, spends more time counting your reps and looking in the mirror than actually guiding you?

Then learn how to do it your self!


ReDisipline yourself.

Personalised exercise program and meal plans created specifically for you. Finally learn how to nail down a workout routine that’s best for your body and your fitness goals.

Once you have a plan that is tailored to you, then comes the hard part: sticking to it. The most difficult aspect of exercising regularly may be staying motivated. Thats where we come in. We'll stick a rocket up your behind, keeping you accountable everyday.

No longer feel secluded, doing your own workout, be part of a community. A thriving support network that will inspire and educate you to stay on track with your fitness journey.


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