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Well done to those of you that have already tried our new sweat and stretch! Keep reading for some additional info about it.

This sesssion is compromised of two parts, these are HIIT (high intensity interval training) and stretching.

Expectations of HIIT

ALL OUT MAXIMUM EFFORT FOR SHORT REPEATED BURTS! You will be giving it 100% which is uncomfortable. Get comfortable being uncomfortable in this session as it is there to challenge you. Our fastest paced session yet! Your heart rate will be incredibly high, you will be very sweaty and you will be very much out of breath.

Expectations of stretching

Your coach will take you through some guided stretches to aid in your mobility. Sometimes you will use pieces of equipment and sometimes you will be moving just your body. This part of the session will be at a much slower pace.

Benefits of HIIT:

- time efficient: we have time to stretch at the end

- Increased excess post exercise oxygen consumption: increased calorie expenditure post exercise

- Cellular adaptations: mitochondrial biogenesis, integral to energy production on a cellular level

- Lower resting heart rate

- Improve cardiovascular health

- Improved insulin sensitivity

- Versatility in exercise modalities: keeping it interesting

Make sure you book in to sweat and stretch!


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