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3 Updates! 💪💪

• Ramadan • New Trainer • Nutrition Tracking & Resources

Ramadan support group,

If you’re doing Ramadan this year please message me!

Please Welcome Clark,

Clark is a very experienced trainer & will be starting on Monday 4th 💪

Mainly based in Watford, but you might see him occasionally.

Nutrition Tracking & Resources

We have multiple methods of tracking, and tons of difference resorces depending on your own personal preferences and personal requirements.

We’re always striving to improve and add to what we’re able to offer you, to support you on your journey.

This month everyone should have grabbed a nutritional journal and food cards.

if you haven’t got one yet, message me!!

As part of growing our resources we’re expanding on our ReDiscipline app.

We do have our own app that we use for remote/online coaching, however there are features on the app that might also be useful for many of you.

One of which is nutrition tracker.

I’ve asked for some features to be updated that will be more specifically relevant for you guys, apposed to just the remote/online members.

Within two weeks, the app will be updated with the new features I’ve requested. at which point I will likely be asking many of you to download our app, and give you access to everything on the app.

please keep eyes peeled for updates on this soon.

Feedback & reviews greatly help us develop our services on what we can offer, if you ever have any feedback or suggestions, we’re always happy to listen. feel free to contact me anytime!.


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    Completed & Passed ReDiscipline Nutrition CertificationNutrition Certified
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